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Turn Your Marketing Spend Into Revenue

With our All-In-One CRM Designed for Startups & Small Businesses

From Lead to Loyalty. Lead Generation is Just the Beginning.


Drive More Leads


  • Drive Brand Awareness (Content)

  • Earn More Credibility (Reviews)

  • Increase Visibility (Organic)

  • Pay for Placement (Ads)

Nurture Relationships


  • Make Irresistable Offers

  • Capture & Qualify Leads

  • Nurture & Engage with Leads

  • Drive Opportunity Pipeline

Close More Deals


  • Close Deals / Transact Business

  • Automate for Efficiency

  • Turn Customers into Raving Fans

  • Get More Reviews & Referrals

Here's what BOOST can do for your business...

1. Maximize Marketing Spend:
Get the most out of every dollar you spend on marketing

  • Your Customer Database is a Goldmine: Initiate a reactivation campaign with a new offer to past customers.

  • Referrals are Your Best Lead Generation Tool: Start a referral campaign or offer an affiliate/rewards program.

  • A Strong Brand Builds Trust: Post and engage on social, and build your reputation with reviews.

  • Know Where Your Leads Are Coming From: Identify the source of your leads to focus marketing spend effectively.

  • Paid Ads Perform Better When You Rank: Build your Google Business Profile and listings on all 70+ directories.

2. Streamline Lead Management:

Capture every lead and focus on the qualified ones that count

  • Email is NOT for Lead Capture: Instead, auto-capture leads, auto-create opportunities and take action.

  • You're Missing Free Leads: Don't just reply to a social message, capture them and engage in all-in-one inbox.

  • First to Respond Wins: Beat your competitors with automatic responses and missed call text back.

  • Your Time Is Valuable: Use funnels, questionnaire and scheduling to capture, qualify and optimize lead process.

  • A Balanced Sales Team is Key: Use round-robbin calendars to balance the load across your sales team.

2. Streamline Lead Management:

Keep track of all prospects and focus on the ones that count

  • Lead Scoring: Automatically evaluates and ranks leads to prioritize sales team efforts.

  • Nurture Campaigns: Deploys pre-set sequences that keep engagement high with zero manual input.

  • Unified Inbox: Consolidates all lead communication in one platform for better response rates.

  • Real-Time Alerts: Notifies sales teams instantly when a lead takes a significant action.

3. Boost Sales Conversions:

Nurture interested people into paying customers

  • Not Everyone is a Ready Buyer: Use email/sms nurture campaigns until they're ready to buy.

  • Pipelines Drive Sales: Auto-create opportunities and move through stages to close more deals.

  • Time Kills Deals: Notify sales teams instantly when a lead takes a significant action for prompt follow up.

  • Sales Team Morale is Key: Use lead scoring to evaluate/rank leads and keep your team motivated.

  • Today's Customer Expects More: Personalize customer journeys based on individual behaviors.

4. Close Deals Faster:

Provide a seamless customer experience from sale to onboarding

  • Easy Approvals Delight Customers: Accept estimates with a simple click and proposals with integrated digital signature.

  • Simplified Payments Increase Conversion: Offer text-to-pay that is integrated for easy to track and reporting.

  • Invoicing Closes Deals Quickly: Easily convert estimates or proposals into closed deals with a single click.

  • First Impressions Matter: Use funnels to streamline your onboarding process for a positive customer experience.

  • Mobility Equals Responsiveness: Use the mobile app for on-the-goal deal tracking/closing for real-time response.

4. Accelerate Deal Closures:

Make your sales process smooth and efficient

  • Funnel Customization: Offers drag-and-drop tools for building sales funnels that align with customer behaviors.

  • Mobile Management: Provides on-the-go deal tracking and closing capabilities.

  • Pipeline Visibility: Displays sales progress at a glance to identify ready-to-close leads.

  • Intent Targeting: Focuses energy on leads displaying clear buying signals.

5. Inspire Customer Loyalty:

Build lasting relationships that keep customers coming back

  • Repeat Customers Are Business Gold: Use follow-up communication to encourage more purchases.

  • Customer Opinions Shape Your Business: Gather feedback to continuously improve your services.

  • Loyalty Programs Create Devoted Customers: Offer rewards that keep customers coming back.

  • Relevant Offers Increase Customer Spending: Make product suggestions that align with customer interests.

  • Regular Updates Keep Customers Engaged: Stay in touch with news about offers and new services.

6. Reduce Operating Costs:

Consolidate business tools and streamline your operation

  • Achieve Cost-Efficiency with Fewer Tools: Use our unified platform to reduce expenses and simplify.

  • Make Informed Decisions Faster: Centralize all your data in a single dashboard for efficient decision-making.

  • Gain a 360-Degree Customer View: Integrate data from various sources for complete customer profiles.

  • Simplify Your Tech Ecosystem: Seamlessly integrate with other backend systems through APIs.

  • Maximize Resource Utilization: Use automations for routine tasks to save time and reduce labor costs.


6. Integrate Business Tools:

Connect all your business tools for a streamlined experience

  • Seamless Syncing: Links VITAZA Boost with other business platforms for a centralized workflow.

  • Dashboard Aggregation: Gathers all operational data in a single view for easier management.

  • API Flexibility: Offers adaptable API for connecting with bespoke tools and systems.

  • Holistic Profiles: Compiles comprehensive customer profiles by uniting data across touchpoints.

7. Empower Data-Driven Insights:

Use analytics to make informed business decisions

  • Understanding Customer Behavior Is Key: Dive into website analytics for insights into visitor actions.

  • Know What Drives Your Sales: Track customer journeys to identify successful strategies.

  • Optimize Your Ad Spend: Analyze ad performance to refine your advertising approach.

  • Measure the Impact of Your Calls: Use call tracking to understand which efforts are bringing in customers.

  • Sales Trends Drive Future Strategies: Analyze sales data to predict and plan for future growth.

8. Foster Scalable Growth:

Expand your business operation efficiently and sustainably

  • Marketing Can Be Overwhelming: Simplify it with ready-to-use campaign templates.

  • Consistency Builds Your Brand: Schedule social media and content posts for all platforms in a single place.

  • Engage Customers at the Right Time: Set up automated messages triggered by customer actions.

  • Focus on Big-Picture Growth: Automate routine tasks to concentrate on expanding your business.

  • Data-Driven Strategies Lead to Success: Use analytics to guide your marketing and growth strategies.


8. Analyze Business Performance:

Use data to make informed business decisions

  • Google Analytics Integration: Dive into website analytics to understand visitor behavior and campaign effectiveness.

  • Attribution Reporting: Track customer journeys to determine the most impactful touchpoints.

  • Ads Reporting: Assess and refine your ad campaigns with detailed performance metrics.

  • Call Tracking: Leverage call tracking from platforms like GoHighLevel to pinpoint which campaigns drive calls and conversions.

  • Holistic Insights: Combine these tools for a comprehensive understanding of your marketing and sales efforts, guiding informed business decisions.

9. Embrace Digital Evolution:

Navigate change confidently and stay competitive

  • Digital Marketing Evolves Quickly: Stay ahead with continual updates with the latest digital trends.

  • Starting Made Simple: Use Launchpad and Live Tech Setup calls to streamline setup.

  • Many Companies Want Done-For-You: Get a turnkey setup in just 7-10 business days.

  • Navigating Change with Ease: Utilize 24/7 live chat, knowledge base and user guides for continuous support.

  • Growth Through Community: Engage in weekly Q&A and monthly masterminds for support and peer learning.


Take It From Our Clients

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John Doe - Happy Client

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John Doe - Happy Client

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John Doe - Happy Client

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John Doe - Happy Client

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John Doe - Happy Client




Ideal for the Solopreneur

Ideal for the Solopreneur

1 User / 1,000 Contacts


Awareness/Lead Gen

✓ Social Media Scheduler


✓ Contact Management (CRM)

✓ All-in-One Social Inbox

✓ Calendar Booking Tool

✓ 2-Way SMS/Email

✓ Missed Call Text Back

✓ Website Chat Widget


✓ Text-to-Pay

✓ GMB Call Tracking

✓ Reviews & Reputation Management

Setup & Customization

✓ Unlimited Onboarding Calls (Tech Setup & Orientation)

License & Support

✓ Software License

✓ 24/7 Live Chat Support

✓ Weekly Roundtable Discussion

✓ Monthly Educational Newsletters

✓ Knowledge Base

✓ Cancel Anytime





Ideal for Startups & Small Businesses

3 Users / 10,000 Contacts



✓ Website & Landing Page Builder w/ Hosting

✓ Contact Form Builder

✓ Opportunity Pipelines

✓ Email Marketing

✓ Template Library (1000+ Website, Email, SMS)


✓ Invoicing

Workflow Automations

✓ Inbound Messaging*

✓ A2P 10DLP Compliance*

(Scroll down for workflow details)




Ideal for Businesses

Seeking Next-Level Growth

Ideal for Businesses Seeking Strategic Growth

10 Users / 25,000 Contacts



✓ Survey Builder

✓ Campaigns

✓ Funnels

✓ Industry-Specific Funnel Template Library


✓ Proposals/Estimates

✓ Memberships for Lessons/Courses

✓ Referral/Affiliate Program

✓ Reporting


✓ Workflow Builder

✓ Workflow Template Library

Workflow Automations

✓ Calendars*

✓ Phone Administration*

(Scroll down for workflow details)


Unlimited Users | Unlimited Contacts

15 Fully Automated Business Workflows

Completely Turnkey Business

What Automation Are Available?


Email/SMS Nurture Campaigns

The essential nurture frameworks that every business needs as an absolute baseline.

Objective & Features

• Forever follow up cadence follows up with contacts every 45 or so days to see what's in front of them and ask them what they need help with.

• 52 Weekly text messages provides you with a template that you can use to send contacts meaningful content each week for a year

• 12 monthly emails provides you with a template that you can use for checkins, educational content, objection handling, or anything else that helps you stay top-of-mind.



Very fun and effective tool that you can deploy on your business customers website that enables end-customers to request a call back from the business.

Objectives & Features

• Customers can use an included form to request a call back from your business. (This can be embedded on a website.)

• Automations that facilitate a call between the business and the end customer after customers have completed the request a call back form.



Everything you need to calendars and appointments. These appointments can be pre-sale, post sale, or even service appointments.

Objectives & Features

• 5 Calendars-- Request a Call Back

-- 15 Minute Quick Call

-- Team Member 1

-- Team Member 2

-- Team Member 3

• Appointment reminder automations

• Call status automations (if phone is being used for appointments)• Cancelation automations

• No-Show automations


Inbound Messaging*

All the automations you need to handle inbound messages coming in on any of the major channels. (This is included in Business Toolkit and Business Accelerator.)

Objectives & Features

• Inbound Facebook Message initial response automations

• Inbound Instagram DM initial response automations

• Inbound GMB Message initial response automations

• Inbound Webchat Message initial response automations

• Contact us form submission automations

• Adds the contact to a sales pipeline to track new leads



Automatically ask customers for more information on their experience with your business. Solicit for reviews on Google or Facebook, and more effectively manage negative experiences before they become a problem.

Objectives & Features

• Customer experience survey

• How was your experience automations

• Nurture to review automations

• Internal notifications and tasks for managing negative experiences


Phone Administration*

Take control of the phone channel. Give business owners a form they can use while taking phone calls to log all important and essential information to the CRM. Send automatic text messages to someone when you miss a call.

Objectives & Features

• Missed call text back automations

• Follow up with summary of phone call automations

• Record contact details to the CRM automations


Subscription Preferences

Manage all of your email unsubscribe events and provide contacts with a way to granularly opt of from specific message types within your system.

Objectives & Features

• Handle hard SMS opt outs

• Handle soft SMS opt outs

• Handle email unsubscribe events

• Handle Apple Mail unsubscribe events

• Handle email complaints (marked as spam)

• Allow contacts to granularly unsubscribe


A2P 10DLS Compliance*

Manages SMS regulatory requirements. (This is included in Business Toolkit and Business Accelerator.)



List Cleanup & Management

This module is designed to help you maintain a high quality list by ensuring you have the most essential contact information for each contact and providing contacts with a way to update themselves in your system.

Objective & Features

• Keep track of inactive opportunities over a timeline ranging from 3-60 months

• Handle bounced email events

• Handle unreachable SMS number events

• Reach out to contacts automatically when good information is missing from a contact record (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone)


Database Reactivation

This module contains everything you need to build your own highly effective database reactivation campaign.

Objectives & Features

• Reach out to inactive contacts 3 times regarding an attractive offer using SMS or Email

• Automatically split outreach times across a variety of time boxes throughout the day

• Re-assess the value of a contact on each reply• Manage contacts based on attributed importance using the built-in pipeline

• Send hot prospects an offer automatically



Everything you need to manage checkout payments, invoices, and refunds.

Objectives & Features

• Checkout page template that's easily configurable for selling products or services

• Successful purchase automations

• Abandoned cart automationsInvoice sent automations

• Invoice paid automations

• Refund request flow that allows for you to accept refunds, decline refunds, or request additional information.


Lead Forms

4 Lead Magnet funnels. Boost/FB/Tiktok forms, landing pages and followup workflows.

Objectives & Features

• Ingests leads into system

• Follows up with them

• A solid base for creating simple lead magnet systems with custom values


Seasonal Communication

Send holiday messages to your database!

Objectives & Features

• Multi-country support for contacts in different countries receiving different messages.

• USA and Canada holidays programmed in.B-013

Referral Requests

Have customers that love you? Ask them to send your information to some friends and win the best kind of business. Referrals.

Objectives & Features

• Solicit referrals from contacts of your choice automation

• Reach out to nurture contacts that have entered the system as a referral


Link Tree

Extremely flexible Link Tree template that can be used for virtually anything.

Objectives & Features

• Adaptable custom values controlled Link Tree funnel template

• Light weight automation that outreaches and internally notifies on form pop submits.


The Power of Persistence. This is Where the Magic Happens.

Follow up and nurturing your leads is imperative to successful lead conversion.

A staggering 80% of customers say "yes" only after the fifth to twelfth contact, while only a mere 2% make a purchase on the first interaction.




Only 2% will commit. Initial outreach is just the beginning.




We see a slight uptick to 3%, showing interest is piqued.




Reaching 5%, this is a good time to solidify trust and showcase value.




At 10%, your persistence is creating momentum.




This is where the magic happens — a whopping 80% conversion rate.

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